The Web of all Existence – Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Science and Spirituality are coming together now in an extraordinary way, we are finally getting a handle on the secrets of our Universe and understanding the code to creating the life we desire.

If you think about the fact that all that exists in the Universe is energy, pure energy and that we are all made of the same stuff, the same energy, then you can begin to understand the concepts that will crack the code of creating the life of your desires.

When you look at your life and the lives of others, you see that there are many different realities happening at the same time in the world. You may be living one way and see others living another. Some are rich, some are poor, some are happy, some are not. It is all out there, all the possibilities for the way we live our lives. There are many alternate realities happening all at the same time. This idea of alternative realities is a profound one, because that means we can create a new reality or tap into another concept of our own reality at any given moment.

Understanding that we are connected by the same web redribbonlive or matrix of energy means that whatever is out there, in the Universe, is also available to us, it is actually within us. According to well known Quantum physicists, we are holographic beings within a holographic Universe. In a hologram everything exists in every part of the hologram at once. For instance, you can take a the DNA of a human being and everything about that person is within that DNA, it is a hologram in that sense. In the smallest microcosm of the whole, the whole still exists. So if we are living in a Universal hologram, then Universally, everything is connected and all possibilities are available for all at the same time. Greg Braden calls this the Divine Matrix, the energy field that connects all things, the form that holds the entirety of existence within it. Knowing you are connected in this way then you can also know that anything you want to be, do and have is within the hologram or the Divine Matrix, that you are a part of and it is readily available for you to tap into. All is one! Just like ristomanager the bulb that holds the whole flower within it, the whole of the Universe and its abundance is within you. But even greater than the flower, as a human being, you have the consciousness to use your mind for creating, so anything you can or want to be is in there too, unlimited potential is at your fingertips.

It may sound like science fiction to many, but science fiction has had a huge impact on our current reality. As all inventions were once thoughts before they became actualities, we have seen science fiction become reality before our eyes. Leonardo Da Vinci designed the first airplane long before its initial invention. A form of cell phones were used in Star Trek long before they were available to us. We have watched images of men in space, walking on the moon and we know we are getting closer to even more powerful discoveries MATRIX CRACK in the field of science and space. We now hold little computers right in the palm of our hands, something that was pure fiction once upon a time is now a part of our very way of life.

From Science Fiction to baseball fields, some of the most powerful and significant movies of the last 30 years woke us up to the secrets of the Universe and how creative manifestation occurs. Important movies often have hidden messages that can be so revealing as our subconscious mind understands the underlying wisdom they hold: In ‘Star Wars’ we learned about holograms while we watched Princess Leah appear on the screen calling for Ben Kanobi’s help, we also discovered the concept of ‘The Force’. The ever present force within and without, the one waiting for you to intuitively tap into at anytime. In ‘The Matrix’, we learned about alternative realities, like Neo, we had a choice about which reality we wanted to see dependent on the pill we swallowed. The Matrix opened our minds to the possibilities of bending our realities and looking beneath our perceptions of what we thought true. In ‘Field of Dreams’, we were told create it and they will come, this is the wisdom of all the great teachers of the ages including our modern day pioneers from “The Secret”, “The Moses Code” and more. There are countless films and books available today that show us the way, that open our minds to what our individual potential is and to what is coming in our future. These teachings hold within them Universal messages for all to uncover, they are waking up our psyches to what is possible. This is very exciting stuff.

It has been proven through Quantum Physics that you can change things in your DNA, on a cellular level according to what you believe as true. The reality you give the most energy too is the one that takes place in your life. Similar to the law of gravity, what has weight will be what is grounded for you. The thoughts, feelings and actions you give the most energy to is what you will create in your daily lives. When you want to consciously create your reality, you must look to the end result that you desire and see it, feel it, be it as the truth of who you already are right now and in every moment. Live in it and understand your thoughts and emotions about it are the key, living from the place of the outcome it in each moment is how it becomes your reality.

Take a look within and visualize the alternate realities you want to create, know they are available to you because they already exist within the hologram of life and choose your life from that place.
For instance: if you are dealing with a disease, see yourself and cured, healthy, vibrant, doing the things you love to do and feel this truth within you at all times. Imagine your doctors telling you that it is a miracle, see him or her looking at your test results amazed at the miraculous healing that has taken place, hear them say, you are fine, you are in perfect health, there are no traces left of the disease. And feel yourself knowing this is true within you. This is how it is done.

If you want more love in your life, see yourself embodying the feeling of love and being loved in your spirit at all times. Imagine it with you as you wake up, take it with you as you are walking, breathing and doing your daily activities. Be the expression of love throughout your days and nights. And of course, love yourself above all others, for as you love yourself from within, you attract love from without. Anything you want to create must come from the inside first before it manifests on the outside. “Whatever the mind can perceive the mind can achieve” this is the wisdom of creation. One of my other favorite quotes comes from Charles Haanel, “To have love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet”.

Take a few moments to ponder this thought. And say to yourself: “In an alternate reality this is how my life would look”. Then list the many possibilities, draw them up in your mind, write them down, feel the outcome already existing within you and live from this place moment to moment. You are in essence, re-writing your story and re-wiring your state of consciousness.

As an example, in my alternate realities this is what exists for me: My body is the healthy body of a 25 year old woman; my business is a prospering, fun and thriving business, I have an abundance of clients who love the work I do and want to pay me bountifully for my services.
Go deeper and deeper into your alternative reality, bring it to life and be clear and detailed as you paint your picture with it, then feel how good it feels to be living the life you desire and deserve and take this with you as your partner throughout the day.

Tell yourself “This is where I choose to live now, in this reality of my mind, I am shifting my DNA to that which is this, this alternate reality which is always available to me”.

So as you desire more things to show up in your life, more riches, more love, more health or material goods, allow yourself to know they are on there way.
Where do you begin?
You begin with yourself, all things come from you. Feel this truth in your day to day undertakings. It takes some effort, in fact quite a lot of effort to look past what is present and resolve the fact that even though none of this is true yet, you are still creating a new reality by living it now. Create it by living it and it will come. You may be surprised as an even greater version may show up for you. They say the Universe will always out-picture itself, that means that what you desire may show up for you even greater than you could have imagined. Either way you win, because either way you are living the life you desire.

It is all there in the web of life you are a part of. There is no separation but in your own mind. This is the living computer, the keypad is within you. Write out your story the way you want it, it is all up to you. This is the field of dreams; the energy field, the divine matrix, the web, the net, the universal mind of consciousness that is holding it all together is within you now. Start breaking the code as you to wake up to it and actualize your beautiful life from a place of consciousness.


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