Security Scanners and High Tech Metal Detectors for Affordable Security

In today’s security heightened environment, hand held security scanners have proven to be very effective in detecting contraband. We have all seen them used at sporting events, techsifts concerts, airports, schools and many other events open to the public. The technology and accuracy has improved with these devices and the pricing has made them affordable to all. There are a few applications for metal security scanners that you may not have thought of.

Being able to detect the presence of concealed weapons is of paramount importance to many organizations. Whether it be keeping our schools, Techjunkien clubs, corporate events, public officials, airports, parcels, mail or sporting crowds safe, these devices have proven to be a great instrument for security forces. These devices come in many different styles depending on what the specific need is.

Some of the less expensive


units feature adjustable detection sensitivity. This allows the user to adjust the distance required to detect objects. Many of the units use microprocessor circuitry which increases the sensitivity of the device and negates the need to tune the scanner. The hand held security scanners can detect things as large as a gun, box cutter, drugs wrapped in foil; or something as small as a 1″ piece of jewelry. Many of these devices can even be used for non security purposes such as searching for nails in wood. I have even heard of a unit being used to detect whether or not a child had swallowed a metal object. Some units come with scraping blades which allow them to sift through soil for metal objects. These units are also water resistant which allows them to be cleaned under water and used in the rain. Many of these metal detectors also come equipped with flashlights. Both of these features would be of great value for police or security forces at the scene of a crime, day or night.

Security scanners have several means of alerting you to the presence of a metal object. Some units employ audible signals to alert you to the presence of metal, some vibrate, and some can be silent using LED lights instead. Many units have a 360 degree detection area, meaning that they will detect metal anywhere around the detecting end of the scanner. The scanners can be powered in several different fashions. Some units require batteries which have to be replaced. Others allow for the use of rechargeable battery kits.

Security scanners also come in varying sizes. Depending on the intended use the metal detectors can be less than 9 inches long or as much as 19 inches long. The longer units would be more practical for scanning large packages or detecting metal in deep bags or containers.

As much as we all hate to have to wait to get into events we attend, I think that most of us would gladly trade the bit of extra time required to enter to know that we will be safe once we get in. The increase use of security scanners are a sign of the times and sure to become more of a presence in our lives.


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