Dubai Creek – The Life Blood of Dubai

The enchanting Dubai Creek seems to define the dualistic character of Dubai, inpix where one finds a dash of old word charm interwoven into this dynamic city’s uber modern character. Sitting in the middle of Dubai, the creek, which is a natural arm of Arabian sea, splits the emirate into two. At the South lies Bur Dubai, while Deira Dubai makes up the North. The creek hides a significant chunk of Emirates’ history.

Its mouth turned up traces of Dubai’s early settlement and it has served as the hub for Dubai’s trading scene by ferrying both human beings and goods to the country’s interiors. Even the local authorities carried out a lot of hedging to increase its size so that more boats could reach more remote corners of Dubai. Today, bocoranadminriki it is a mesmerizing sight to find traditional wooden dhow boats still floating gently across the waters and even traversing the ancient trade routes to Iran, Oman, and India. splitacdubai

To this date, the creek is a witness to massive expansion projects, a notable one being the Business Bay development. This ambitious undertaking would stretch the creek right from around Bur Dubai to the Persian Gulf. In fact, there is no limit to the opulent projects being planned around the creek, kjro be it ‘The Lagoons’, ‘Dubai Towers Dubai’, or ‘The Seventh Crossing’, ‘The Fifth’, and ‘Al Shindagha’ bridges. With hundreds of millions of dollars going into such ventures, it is easy to see why the creek is called the lifeblood of Dubai. florbiz

A  remains incomplete without a Dhow cruise on the creek. Take an afternoon or evening cruise aboard these colorfully painted dhows and brace yourself for a gourmet wining and dining experience. While a sunset cruise treats you to spectacular sights bathed in orange as the golden ball slips into the horizon, a dinner cruise is perfect for watching Dubai’s world-famous man-made gigantic landmarks bursting into a dazzling sea of lights. As you bite into a scrumptious king sized lobsters and sip prized wine to the accompaniment of lilting piano music in the background, you discover that there is no deal beats the deal of exploring Dubai during the night time on a dhow cruise. lytron

Another excellent way of some fun on the creek is to hire water taxis, known as Abra in the local parlance. The unbelievably cheap Abra fares make them a hot favorite transport option for both locals and tourists alike. In fact, if you want to beat the traffic or cross the creek, you will find an Abra handy at almost every time of the day. Abras are also wonderful for sightseeing, with one popular option being the hour long trip between the Maktoum Bridge and the Abra embarkation point. With the creek accounting for a major chunk of the time you spend on your holiday to Dubai you realize why the creek gets to dominate your holidays. qau

Before you take your Emirates holidays, it would be advisable to look up some information on the creek and associated areas and attractions so that you may easily plan a cheap and memorable vacation. On a parting note, I would like to suggest that accommodation should be booked in close proximity to the creek. animeloved


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