Is it News?

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work for a newspaper, gowikia and I am mighty glad that I did. I learned that the news is often not really “THE news.”

Often times, what is reported as the news is not the newest information available. Sometimes it’s a few days old. Sometimes it is old news just rehashed because there isn’t anything else that the editors think is interesting enough to call it “the news.”

In local or regional newspaper, anyway, what makes the front page often has nothing at all to do with what is the most important news. Sometimes it has to do with which reporter has not had front page news in a while, or which “news” items received the best photographic coverage.

It really was discouraging to learn how a newspaper is organized and created. And because of that knowledge, I have a difficult time watching both local and national news shows on television. How much of that same decision making process is used when they are creating the TV news? Quite a bit, I am certain.

A few days ago, I received a quick telephone call at home by some local survey company. I don’t know for which company or political organization they might have been collecting information. I do not often get such calls, though, and I did respond.

The questions asked were about news coverage. I was asked these questions:

1) Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of news available to you via newspapers, television, radio, magazines and Internet?

2) Do you feel that you get a balanced view of the news by just reading the newspaper and watching television news coverage?

I admitted to being overwhelmed by news coverage. But I also admitted that I am responsible for making myself stressed by the news, because I refuse to just rely on one or two news sources. In order to be well-informed about “news” I insist on reading the papers, watching the TV and searching the Internet about items which interest me. I do not just visit TV shows or web sites that agree with my own point of view. Instead, I watch shows and visit sites known for having opposing views as well. Only by doing that can I be assured that I really am getting a balanced view of the world and its news. For more info please visit these sites:-

Even so, as I watch the evening news, I am forced to think, “Is this really important? Is this the real news or just something that the network thought might draw viewers and comments?” And I am chagrined to think that most average Americans do not bother to look further than their local news to find out what is going on around them. It is no wonder that people in other parts of the world think we are arrogant and selfish persons. There is so much we never find out unless we seek knowledge and news on our own.


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