Guided Focusing Process For Healing, Well-Being and Stress Relief

I would like to introduce you to Focusing. Focusing is a process for directing the attention inward to a cleared space where bodily felt senses can emerge. It is often these felt senses that provide clarity and shifts in understanding of formerly vague and inarticulate yearnings, as well as lived experiences written in the physical, bunnydirectories emotional and energetic body.

Focusing involves the verbalizing of these bodily-felt states. The person focusing closes his/her eyes. You, the healer, can be present with and guide the person’s attention down into the trunk of the body where a felt sense of the issue being focused upon is allowed to form. Different energies flow to a meeting point where they share being and presence; and it is in this bodily felt experiencing we can have an inner conversation. There is a ‘listening within and without’ in a non-judgmental, compassionate and loving way, accepting but not knowing what will come, that holds an energy, a life movement towards healing. There is a trust that the right thing will come and an openness toward all possibilities. I believe that the Focusing attitude creates a special field where we can experience others and ourselves as holistic beings. Focusing enables us to know the ‘body’ as the great healer and Presence that it is. Focusing also allows the many parts of our experience to speak. Focusing lets you be gentle to all the aspects of yourself so that a blocked system can release. Focusing also has gifts for people in pain, whether acute or chronic.

If you’re enduring symptoms of any kind of illness or condition, Focusing is not a cure… but it can help you tap into your body’s resources for healing and relief. This same sensing inwards can help your clients explore patterns that seem unchangeable, emotional and spiritual yearnings. Focusing can help your clients find the next right step forward because the body actually holds and can show you this very knowing; a knowing that is unique for this individual, in this life, in this moment.

Focusing was discovered when Professor Eugene Gendlin of the University of Chicago researched the question: “Why is psychotherapy helpful for some people, but not others?” He and his colleagues studied tapes of hundreds of therapy sessions and made a fascinating and important discovery: successful therapy clients had a vague, hard-to-describe inner awareness, For more info please visit these sites:- a bodily felt sense about their problems. Paying attention to the felt sense in specific ways proved to be a key component of successful healing and change. Gendlin discovered how to teach this skill, which he called Focusing and you can learn this skill too to enhance your own living forward and your work as a healer.

The process of Focusing supports all healing therapies and supports you in developing a sense of trust in the healing capacity of your body.

The purpose of Focusing is to enable us be the all we are becoming, the whole of that.

Try this short guided exercise:

So, let’s get in touch with everyday focusing … I want you to experience unlocking some wisdom in your body. Notice your body just now…notice your feet and legs; how they feel…your back and shoulders…how they feel…your neck and how your head is sitting there…notice your arms and hands and belly and chest. See if you can follow your next breath into your body and notice where in your body it rests or ends. See if you can stay there and feel your body from the inside. Notice how your chest feels when you inhale…words or images may come which symbolizes that feeling of how your chest feels when you inhale. Notice that your body is symbolizing this experience that you rarely pay attention to and do every few seconds of your entire life.


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