What Every Mary Kay Business Woman Should Know

If you are a Mary Kay Consultant or Director reading this, you already know the story of Mary Kay Ash – “The Power Of One Woman” who always knew she could do anything she set herself to do from when she was a little girl. When the first generation of women entered the workforce in the 60s and 70s, most of them succeeded in the only way they knew how to and that was imitating men. Women were not welcomed into the rank of management back then. Well ladies that was “yesterday and today is today”. stars77

The 21st Century Mary Kay Business Woman needs to be able to build a vision based on the awareness of economic transformation. She must draw from a wide range of skills to get to the top and stay there. A Sound Marketing Approach that works in the 21st Century is a must to build a solid organization. clothing wholesale

First, let me just make it clear no one was born a sales person. I hear people say it so often “I am not a sales person”. This is just not true. No one is born a sales person any more than one is born a doctor or a lawyer. Anyone can build a successful business. Sales is a profession. To be successful in any profession one must be willing to learn period.

Your success in your Mary Kay business will take whatever it is you were born with, but more importantly all that you acquire through proper training and experience. You also must be willing to keep up with the changing market by applying techniques that works not sales and recruiting techniques that worked decades ago and are slowly dying out. หนังใหม่ 2023

Majority of Mary Kay Consultants are taught to make a list of family and friends to build their customer base and team members from and when they exhaust their warm list, they are taught to get out into the cold market arena also referred to as “warm chatter”. That is the beginning of their failure process right there.

I believe just like the company has changed, the products have changed, the packaging changes almost every other year, the marketing should change to reflect the changing marketing trends in the world. If you take a look at the Mary Kay Museum, you will be amazed at how much the company, the products and the car program have evolved in the last four decades. For more info please visit these sites:-Casanovabrooks.com

Even though Mary Kay Consultants and directors have a company generic website, which of course was not available a few decades ago, that website is only limited to 5 zip codes. When it comes to marketing the Products or recruiting people into the company, most Directors and Nationals teach consultants to not reinvent the wheel. I say it’s time to put some air on the wheel to keep it moving. I do not believe it is a smart business decision to limit your business to 5 Zip Codes. What happened to the “No Territory” marketing? Allow the internet to work for you and your business. That is what every entrepreneur is doing in the 21st century.


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