Feel Confident When Booking Your First Cruise – 16 Terms That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro!

Despite the excitement, there can still be a bit of an uncomfortable feeling when planning something new even if it is a vacation. The cruise industry uses nautical terms which, for most people, cruise booking aren’t part of our everyday language. You don’t need to know these terms in order to book your cruise, but learning them may boost your confidence in planning what could be your best vacation ever.

Aft– Back of the ship

Berth– A bed on a ship; the place where a ship docks in a port.

Debark Disembark– To get off a ship

Dock– Area where a cruise ship ties up when it’s in port; “to dock” – when a ship ties up at a port versus tendering.

Embark– To board a ship theprerollguys

Fore– Front of the ship

Free Berth– A credit a group leader earns (most often for a group of eight or more cabins) toward the cost of their cruise. The credit is for that person’s accommodations, meals and any of the beverages, entertainment or activities included in their cruise base rate (i.e. excludes taxes, fees, gratuities). meridianshrooms

Inside Cabin– A cabin without a window, porthole or balcony

Muster Drill– Emergency evacuation drill to familiarize everyone with their lifeboat stations

Oceanview Cabin / Outside Cabin– A cabin with a window or porthole overlooking the ocean

Port– The left side of a ship; harbor being visited by a ship

Purser’s Desk Guest Relation’s Desk– Equivalent to the “front desk” of a hotel

Starboard– The right side of a ship universalblogs

Tender– A small boat used to shuttle guests between a ship and shore when a ship must anchor in a harbor rather than dock at a pier

Upper Berth– Similar to an upper bunk bed

Verandah– Private balcony attached to a cabin

Whether for fun or confidence, learning this handful of sailing terms could enhance your cruise booking experience.  After all, part of the fun of a vacation is in the planning! slot gator


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