The Definition of a Blog

A lot of people are mystified by the word Blog, Blogging or Blogger which almost sounds like a rude word. So what is a Blog and what can it do for your business? fusionblog

What is a Blog?
Blog a fusion of the words web and log is an online journal which a lot of people use to communicate personal thoughts, information and updates. Blogs have advanced over the years and are no longer used just for personal needs. Many businesses now use the services of professional Bloggers – those who write them – to journal business activities. Some are updated on a daily basis, with an archive of past Blogs available for viewing.

Online experts have not been able to agree on the definition of a Blog. Some argue that you cannot limit it to a single definition as it means different things to different people. Some use it to share personal perspectives, whilst others will use it to promote world peace. and to others – a business tool. But one notable thing about a Blog is the informal tone and format which makes it an interesting and engaging read. omegawriter

Is it Difficult to Set up?
The great thing about a Blog is you do not need the technical knowledge synonymous with websites to set it up. Neither do you need a domain name or pay for hosting your site. By linking with a provider such as wordpress or blogger, the simple process allows you to share any information in cyberspace in no time.

Good for Business
Blogging is also a potent tool for businesses; it can serve as an extension of a company website. Rather than the official tone of the homepage, businesses can connect on a one to one level with their clients through their Blogs. In this cyber-age, weblogs have become a must have for businesses that want to be at the forefront of online marketing.

Get a Blogger
Most Blogs are updated quite regularly if not daily and can be a daunting task especially for small businesses with limited staff capacity. Most companies now employ the services of professional Bloggers. These experts are able to provide compelling content for your Blogs and update them on a regular basis. For more info please visit these sites :-

So when next you read a captivating Blog, do not be fooled into thinking someone has all the time in the world for Blogging. Who knows, maybe there is a Ghost-Blogger somewhere churning out fantastic Blogs for people to enjoy.


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