Tips for Attracting Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers are a fabulous addition to any backyard or garden. Not only are they gorgeous birds, but they also provide a soundtrack of soft, melodious drumming. If you’re thinking about adding a woodpecker box to your backyard, here are some tips on how to attract woodpeckers hollywoodfoodstyling

Feed them right

Woodpeckers are a highly omnivorous species–meaning they eat all kinds of food. One of their favorite dining options is suet. This mash of peanut, seeds, raisins and other delicacies comes in a pre-made cake form, which you can either smear in the bark of a tree or offer in a specially designed suet feeder.

Other culinary options for woodpeckers are cracked corn, grapes or raisins, all of which can be placed on a platform feeder.

Lastly, many woodpeckers enjoy sugar water that is often found in hummingbird feeders. If you have woodpeckers feeding at your hummingbird feeders, make sure the feeder has large ports to accommodate woodpeckers beaks.

Plant trees, preserve snags

Woodpeckers love trees. An oak tree is a great addition, as it produces acorns, which attract many species of woodpeckers. Pine trees are also ideal, as woodpeckers will consume pine seeds and sap. Finally, don’t forget that woodpeckers love fruit, such as strawberry, cherry, grape, holly apple or other fruit bearing trees are bound to accentuate your yard’s woodpecker appeal palosverdeslifestyle

A snag is a tree stump or a dead tree. Woodpeckers prefer dead trees when excavating their nests, so if you have dead trees in your yard, you should keep the around. If you need to cut them for safety reasons, consider leaving a large branch or step for the woodpeckers

Where to put nest boxes

If you’re trying to entice woodpeckers to your yard, a well-maintained, properly-positioned woodpecker house is of paramount importance. For large woodpeckers, you want to place the nest box in the sun where it can be seen. For small species, like hairy woodpeckers or downies, make sure the trunk you’re placing the box on is free of limbs.

A general rule of thumb, though, when it comes to placement of nest boxes, is the more the merrier. If you have the time and energy, try placing nest boxes across you yard at a variety of heights.

Modifying the woodpecker nest box For more info Please visit these sites:-

Many woodpeckers are diggers, both during courtship and during breeding. To help facilitate this natural process, fill the nest box with packed wood chips or saw dust. Also, on the outside of your nest box, you can affix bark to make the nest box more attractive.


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