Networking and the Book Club

Professionals, students and entrepreneurs are always encouraged to read books and gain knowledge for academic and professional growth. Reading stimulates the mind, causes us to become more creative and think outside the box. Reading also improves our verbal and written communication skills which can boost our image and credibility. While networking, professionals, students and entrepreneurs should try and incorporate reading into their networking conversations. It is an excellent way to break the ice, learn about your business counterparts and improve on your skills. boccaccioravello

Listed below are ways that you can expand your network and gain book knowledge for business and personal success.

Book Worm

At your next networking meeting, instead of asking your business counterpart their profession, job or where they work, ask them what was the last book they read. It will be a shocking and unusual question but can stimulate great conversation. The types of books and literature that people read will expose their interests and allows you to learn more about them from a different angle. You can also ask your business counterpart who is their favorite author. Ask them why they enjoy reading books and what types of messages or tips do they benefit from after reading. And also, ask how reading helps them in their professional or personal lives. coloradoskihome

Book Swap

Upon learning about the different types of books that your business colleagues like to read, ask if you can swap or borrow books. This is a great way to build relationships, stay in contact and follow up with your colleagues after the networking event. You can select books that are about networking, business, technology/trends, globalization, communication or personal interests which are beneficial. This also is a great example of a heightened form of accountability and trust from both or all parties. You can also save money from having to purchase the book yourself.

Book Discussion

If you and your business counterpart or associate has read the same book or is reading the same book, then you should suggest having a discussion or coffee, lunch or dinner. This would be an excellent way to learn about the book and its themes or principles in a greater depth. Being creative, For more info please visit these sites :- brainstorming and developing ideas can also enhance your business skills. This would also be an excellent opportunity to include friends and other colleagues to expand the circle of influence. At the book discussion, you also offer your services, products and brands. When the meeting is done, offer to have another book discussion or recommend a book to read for the future.


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