The Passing of Genes is the Secret of Evolution

The passing of divine genes is accomplished through the chakras which are the organs of the ethereal body that surround the physical body while in incarnation. They cross the line with the spirit between manifestation and non-manifestation. genee

The passing of physical genes is accomplished through the physical organs of the body themselves, the actual flesh, blood and bones.

The animal-based brain is the motor function center of the physical body. It cannot be said that the role of the animal-based brain is unimportant. Without it there would be no life, no body for the incarnating soul to enter to experience the earth plane. It is the control of this animal-based brain for usage by the incarnating soul that is of vital importance.

The animal-based brain is a physical organ by which genes are passed from physical evolution. These genes are as thought-pictures passed from the parents. They are memories of traumatic events and also very impressionable and inspiring events that happened to our ancestors.

These thought-pictures can go back a long way, over eons even, to the beginning of the human race, which was when the first genes from the higher planes were inseminated into the animal bodies. There will not be thought-pictures passed previous to that because it was the genes from higher planets that carried the animal into the human dimension. To repeat, it was the inseminating of these higher genes that changed the animal to the human and allowed the passing of genes or memories or thought-pictures.

Animals that followed the animal track, even animals today, do not have this capability of passing memories of their ancestors. They operate purely on instinctive reactions that are pertinent to their particular species. Humans, on the other hand, can pass these memories and can change these memories. The secret of evolution itself is in the changing of the memories and passing on more highly evolved or knowledgeable thought-pictures.

The first brain was a single glob of matter that registered outside stimuli when a pattern was repeated. Any action that was not repeated again and again did not register. It was simply a “musculature” conditioning to outside activity – outward physical actions. These, of course, included walking, running, eating, elimination of waste, procreation, and all of the basic body functions. stylowakobieta

When an action such as picking up a rock and throwing it was not repeated for a long period of time, say several weeks or a month, the next time it was performed was like a brand new experience as far as the brain was concerned. It had no memory of the previous try and was a totally new performance. If the action were repeated every day for several days in a row, the muscle content of the brain would register this new “twitching” or “flexing” and “loosen” up the tight constriction of the cells that were photographing this action. It then would become a learned action and an easier task to perform from that point on.

In the early animal-man, the very first action to register was walking on two legs because the pre-programmed brain was tuned into walking on all fours. This standing on two legs to reach food high up in trees was actually the first sign that here was an animal that could be taught new things. That first action of balancing on the two hind legs was repeated often enough to register as a muscle reflex action on the brain. Walking soon followed.

As the next generation was born, the flexibility of the brain cells was more prominent due to the use of the one giving the genes. The change in cells of the brain of the parents caused the genes that were passed on to their offspring to be more “advanced.” It is very important that this be understood. Herein lies the answers to some of humanities’ puzzling questions of genealogy.


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