Star Wars LEGO Imperial Minifigs and Sets

The release of Star Wars LEGOs proved a massive boost to LEGO sales, as fans of both the science fiction movie genre and the building blocks flocked to check out the new line of figures, ships, and battlegrounds. Being able to recreate the fight against the Galactic Empire in LEGO form, Postager the lineup of Imperial Star Wars LEGOs Figures feature the great villains and nemeses of the films, from simple Storm Troopers to the ultimate enemy in the dark Darth Vader himself.

Imperial ships in the Star Wars films always had the advantage of size, and while none of the Empire’s LEGO ships can compare with the five thousand piece deluxe Millennium Falcon, TheRussia the Death Star and Imperial Star Destroyer sets are some of the largest in the LEGO Star Wars universe. Indeed, the Imperial Star Destroyer boasts fifteen hundred pieces as well as figures for Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, stormtroopers, the Emperor’s hologram, and two red Royal Guards.

Smaller sets, like the nefarious TIE Fighters, are only several hundred pieces, but are required, of course, for dogfights with good guy Rebel star fighters. The four types of TIE ships — TIE Fighters, Thecorrectly TIE Bombers, TIE Interceptors, Theunroll and Vader’s TIE Prototype — are all included in LEGO block form to recreate the first or second battles at the Death Star in all their plastic brick glory. Landing craft and the Emperor’s shuttle are also available to cruise through space and ferry their masters to the battle.

The actual LEGO Death Star is the pinnacle of the Empire’s power, Nationlogy boasting nearly four thousand pieces and every character — Rebel and Imperial — who was on the Death Star in Episodes IV and VI, that’s 25 different LEGO minifigures, and roid robots – amazing. But at four hundred dollars, it is the most expensive Imperial set and the second most expensive LEGO set that has ever been produced. Deluxe collector’s sets, like Vader’s TIE Fighter, with far more intricate detail, have been released since the original product lines and although I think they are good they just don’t compare, for me, Thegreatly to the fantastic Star Wars LEGO minifigures.


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