Water Damage – 13 Things To Do and 3 Things Not To Do

If you ever have the catastrophe of having water damage in your home, you will need to know what to do fast. Many times than not, people actually think they know what to do, but in reality, they do not. If you have no idea what needs addressed — it can become extremely dangerous by becoming a life and death situation. Be prepared by reviewing this list below.

13 Things To Do:

1. Quickly turn off your water throughout your entire home.
2. Eliminate any extra water by blotting it thoroughly or you can mop it up.
3. Look for any water that may be still on surfaces such as on lamps which could be dangerous near electric.
4. Should you have any wet cushions, place them out to dry.
5. Put foil around any furniture legs in order to protect them from your wet carpeting.
6. If it happens to be summertime, use your air conditioner to help dry everything faster.
7. Open all your closets and cupboard drawers as well as doors in your entire home.
8. Store any and all of your precious valuables and/or documents in a safe dry place.
9. Keep all residents within your home, including any pets, away from the water damage. pittsburgh seo company

Insurance Claims 

10. Begin taking photos or possibly a video of all of your damage.
11. List each of your items that were damaged.
12. Document an itemized list of each of your completed repairs with a receipt for each.
13. Hire a Professional to assist you with each of the above.

3 Things NOT To Do:

1. Remove as much water as you possibly can by vacuuming the area.
2. Take advantage of using your hair dryer in order to help the drying process as you walk through the damage.
3. Place all paper items; i.e., books and/or magazines on your wet carpet or wet floor.

In times like this it is always best to hire a Professional. You don’t want to hire just any waterproofing company. You need one who you can trust and who has the knowledge and experience of dealing with water damage, cracked foundation wall, bulging foundation wall, etc…


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